Richard M. Rosa

Managing Director, Partner

The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. in Labor and Industrial Relations with a concentration in Business

Rich serves as a Managing Director and Partner at Verdence, leading the Sports and Entertainment division and he is part of the executive team that directs Verdence’s Business Development efforts.  In his position, Rich specializes in assisting sports and entertainment personalities with their day to day business management needs so they may have long-term financial security.  Prior to his joining Verdence, Rich was a Principal at Eastern Athletic Services, Inc. for 22 years managing the careers of professional athletes.

Get to know Rich!

If I could invite anyone, living or dead, for dinner, I would invite:

“Ronald Reagan”

If I was not a financial advisor, I would be an:

“R&B artist”

Three Items I would take if stranded on in the desert:

“Water, matches and a Cuban Cigar — water to stay hydrated and matches to light my Cuban Cigar”

News story headline about my life:

“Gave 100% to Everything He Did”

Three Words that Describe Rich:

“Loyal, Focused, Driven”