Dwight Davenport

Executive Director, Private Wealth Advisor

Start Date:

As an Executive Director, Private Wealth Advisor at Verdence out of our Boston, MA office, Dwight is experienced in understanding client values and motivations, and builds long-term profitable relationships based on trust, confidence, and credibility. His expertise includes, but not limited to, working with trustees managing special needs trusts for families with members who have profound physical or mental challenges.

Dwight’s approach is client-centric, marked by a blend of strategic insight, meticulous planning, and a genuine passion for financial management. He has over 30 years of wealth management and leadership experience, most recently as Principal at GreenPort Capital Advisors, LLC.

Outside of Verdence, Dwight enjoys time outdoors, playing hockey with his sons, and spending time on the water. Dwight even holds a USCG “6 pack” License as a Charter Boat Captain.

Get to know Dwight!

My favorite vacation spot is:

”Chatham, Mass.”

If I were not a financial advisor, I would be:

”Marine Biologist”

If I could invite anyone, living or dead, for dinner, I would invite:

“Tim O’Brien (author),  Warren Buffet, Reverend John Davenport of New Haven”

A lesson or piece of advice from my parents that I find myself repeating:

“Strive to be a well rounded person and be curious.”

A hobby I wish I had more time for:

“Restoring my antique canvas canoe.”

Three items to have when stranded in the desert:

“Satellite phone, Blanket, water.”

What makes me happy:

“Hockey with my sons, spending the day with whales on Crab Ledge, losing track of time on a trout stream.  Exercise.”

Three words that describe me:

“Empathetic, Patient, Determined”