Noel LaMontagne

Director of Verdence/PRO


Noel serves as Director of Verdence/PRO focusing on high-net-worth clients, especially Professional Sports and Entertainment Executives. A former collegiate and professional NFL athlete, Noel spent over 15 years as an elite sports advisor before joining Verdence. 

Noel has extensive experience working with professional athletes, entertainers, and business executives across all industries, guiding their transition through the evolving chapters of their lives. Noel provides our clients with all the tools, education, and resources they need to tackle the challenges present in their professional lives and create a long-term strategy around them.

Get to know Noel!

My favorite spot:

“The country of Greece and all its surrounding island paradises.”

Best piece of advice from my parents:

“Do not ever let it amaze you that the world is very small.”

If I were stranded in the desert, what 3 things would I would want to have:

“A fully functional genie lamp with all three wishes intact, clear deed and title to the land I was stranded on, and a case of Screaming Eagle 2007 Cabernet to celebrate my final wish of bringing my wife to our completely secluded and fully stocked dream home on a Mediterranean beach with an unobstructed ocean view.”

News story headline about my life:

“He was a good man.”

Three words that describe Noel:

“Dependable; Persevering; Patient”