Liz Richter Psota

Senior Private Wealth Associate


Liz is a highly skilled senior private wealth associate at Verdence in Naples, Florida. With her diverse experience in hospitality, education, and administration, Liz brings a unique perspective to her role. She focuses on day-to-day operations, compliance, and client relations, ensuring seamless functioning and striving for exceptional service. Prior to joining Verdence, Liz was Director of Operations and Compliance at Vantage Private Wealth. Liz earned her Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude, from Elon University.

Get to Know Liz!

If I were not a financial professional, I would be a:

“A youth running coach”

Best piece of advice from my parents:

“Live life looking through the windshield, not the rearview mirror.”

What makes me happy:

“Spending time adventuring outdoors with my two kids and husband and Sunday brunches with friends.”

If I could invite anyone, living or dead, for dinner, I would invite:

“My grandfather. I feel like I didn’t fully appreciate the value of his life experiences and perspective before he passed away and would love to get lost in conversation with him.”