Michael Salerno

Executive Director, Due Diligence

Start Date:

At Verdence, Michael is responsible for managing and monitoring investment solutions and he serves as a steward of the overall due diligence platform. He contributes macro views, evaluates new investment opportunities, and monitors risk management. Prior to joining Verdence, Michael spent nearly two decades in the institutional investment advisory industry. Most recently, he served as Senior Investment Director within the Capital Markets Research team at Cambridge Associates LLC, where he was responsible for global developed market public equities and contributed to the firm’s asset allocation strategy.

Get to know Mike!

My favorite vacation spot:

“Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I grew up vacationing there with my parents and sister, and now my family and I try to make the trip north every year.”

In the news story of my life, my headline would be:

“Small-town kid moves to the city after college, pursues a successful investment career, gets married, and helps raise a healthy and happy family.”

If I were not in finance, I would be:

“A schoolteacher. Several members of my extended family taught school, so it’s probably in my genes. I’ve always been passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others.”