Charles S. Holt



Charlie serves as a Managing Director and Partner at Verdence.  Prior to joining the team, Charlie was a Senior Vice President of Investments in the Global Wealth Management Group at Merrill Lynch, bringing over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Charlie specializes in developing and implementing advanced planning and investment strategies for high-net-worth families. He concentrates on clients’ primary concerns: capital preservation, tax minimization, and lifetime cash flow needs.

Get to know Charles!

If I were not a financial advisor I would be:

”A tennis coach”

Best piece of advice from my parents:

“You can always come home.”

If I could invite anyone, living or dead, for dinner, I would invite:

“Stephen Hawking”

A hobby I wish I had more time for:

“Rock wall building”

News story headline about my life:

“You can take the boy out of Maine – but you can’t take Maine out of the boy”

What makes you happy:

“Being outside”