Nancy McColgan

Director of Verdence/Family


As a seasoned professional in the multi-family office space, Nancy is an experienced leader with unwavering integrity. Throughout her esteemed career, she has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to driving growth and achieving success for her clients.  Nancy recognizes the importance of collaborating with and advising families as they navigate the complexities of both immediate and long-term planning, always striving to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Nancy has well over two decades of leadership experience. Prior to joining Verdence, she served as Senior Vice President and Managing Director with Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth, where she was responsible for the oversight, growth, and direction of the organization in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and the southeastern U.S. Additionally, she held key roles with Legg Mason Global Asset Management for over a decade, including four years as a Managing Director in their wealth management division. She also served as a Senior Client Advisor and Management Committee Chair with WMS Partners.

Get to know Nancy!

If I could invite anyone, living or dead, for dinner, I would invite:

“My great, great grandmother, who emigrated to the U.S. alone as a teenager and nearly starved to death during that ship voyage. She came to Maryland to work as a nanny for a wealthy family. Generations later, I was the Managing Director of the team who managed the assets for some of the descendants of that family. Only in America!”

Favorite vacation spot:


A piece of advice from my parents I find myself repeating:

“Integrity is everything. Be a person of your word.”

Three words that describe Nancy:

“Focused, Compassionate, Persistent”