The next step in the evolution of Verdence Family Office : Verdence/FAMILY


Service offerings extend far beyond those of typical multi-family office; team is led by Michael Harris, who joined Verdence after more than two decades in alternative investments

BALTIMORE, MD – April 1, 2021Verdence Capital Advisors (“Verdence”), a nationally-recognized private wealth advisory firm, today announced a new brand name and website for its fast-growing family office division: Verdence/FAMILY.

Verdence/FAMILY has experienced significant growth since the firm’s inception, with client assets growing by more than 200% in 2020 and on pace to grow by an even larger percentage this year. Simultaneously, the number of family office clients has also increased three-fold over the past two years. In advance of this growth, Verdence has been making, and continues to make, significant investments into this part of its business.

“One of our core philosophies in managing Verdence is to grow our capacity well ahead of our needs. Our growth should be an ongoing benefit to our clients, rather than strain our service to clients,” said Leo Kelly, Founder, CEO & Partner with Verdence. “The formal branding of Verdence/FAMILY signals to the market that Verdence is committed to significant investments to our family office practice. These investments will continue to dramatically build on our offering to all Verdence clients. Our first investment in Verdence/FAMILY is Mike Harris. We feel fortunate to have a professional with Mike’s resume, who also fits into our culture effortlessly.”

Michael Harris, Director of Family Office & Partner with Verdence leads Verdence/FAMILY, which has been built on three foundational tenets: complexity management, capital allocation and legacy preservation. Backed by the larger Verdence organization, which advises on over $3 billion, Verdence/FAMILY is able to provide customized solutions unique to each of its family office clients. It also acts as a Fiduciary to its families allowing it to be completely unbiased and unconflicted in its advice.

As part of the division’s growth, Verdence has added dedicated family office professionals, enhanced its service offerings, expanded private investment access though the development of its private investment access company, Independent Access Partners, and made significant investments in sophisticated technology and infrastructure solutions needed to support existing and future clients.

“Every family has a unique story, a path they’ve taken to get to this point in their lives that is all their own. Unique journeys and unique needs require customized solutions, and that’s what we’ve designed Verdence/FAMILY to provide,” said Harris, who joined Verdence in late 2020 after spending more than 20 years in the alternative investment industry. “Our goal is to refine the ways in which families approach their collective wealth by offering new perspectives and problem-solving guidance across the full range of wealth, estate, lifestyle and philanthropic needs.”

Verdence/FAMILY is sharply focused on three essential tenets: Complexity Management, Capital Allocation and Legacy Preservation, which are consistently identified as primary challenges for those with significant wealth.

  • Complexity Management: Giving back precious and finite time to families by providing services to solve day-to-day problems.
  • Capital Allocation: Giving families customized solutions that take advantage of the unique opportunities their wealth affords them.
  • Legacy Preservation: Preparing and empowering future generations to maximize the benefit of a family’s wealth.

“Understanding the core principles of a family and the aspirational goals they have is a very exciting part of our work. Guiding families through the goal setting process and bringing solutions that have multi-generational impact is extremely rewarding,” added Kelly. “Our families are consistent in their core goals, even if they are articulated differently.  We are here to help them accomplish those goals. Significant wealth is a blessing, it shouldn’t be a burden. Once a family is organized through a family office, we see them using their wealth in ways they never thought possible. It is truly a gift to be a part of that.”

“We are very excited to be introducing the Verdence/FAMILY brand to our clients and to future clients who will benefit from our compelling and highly differentiated approach,” he continued.

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About Verdence Capital Advisors

Verdence Capital Advisors is a nationally-recognized private wealth advisory and multi-family office firm headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, with an office in Northern Virginia. Committed to the principle that advice should be transparent, customized and given without bias, true independence is one of the guiding principles of Verdence Capital Advisors. The name Verdence was derived by combining the words “Veritas”, Latin for “Truth,” and Independence. Verdence represents our principles of True Independence and combines it with the core tenet of family offices, to protect and grow the wealth, sustainability, and legacy of one’s family.

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