Alex Marshall

Business Management Associate

Coastal Carolina University, B.S. in Business Administration
Stevenson University, Graduate Program for Masters of Business and Technology Management
Dale Carnegie Graduate

Alex assists with technology and office management as well as marketing and social media efforts for Verdence Capital Advisors. Prior to joining the Verdence team, Alex served as a manager at Hillendale Country Club for approximately five years. He graduated with his Bachelors in Business Administration from Coastal Carolina University, and is currently enrolled in the graduate program at Stevenson University for Masters of Business and Technology Management. 

Get to know Alex!

If I was not in the financial services industry, I would be:

“A pharmacist”

Best piece of advice from my parents:

“Treat others the way you wish to be treated.”

A hobby I wish I had more time for:

“Mechanical tinkering”

Three items to have when stranded in the desert:

“A lighter – to start fires to keep warm, heat food and signal help; a data enabled tablet – so I can finally catch up on all of my shows, and lots of water – well, to stay alive long enough to be hopefully rescued.”

News story headline about my life:

“Man makes adversity looks easy as he strides towards prestige.”

My favorite vacation is:

“Rhodes Island, Greece”

What makes you happy:

“Seeing other people happy.”

3 words that describe Alex:

“Ambitious, Resourceful, Honest”